Microsoft ofrece productos y servicios que incluyen computadoras, software, consolas de videojuegos y más.

Xbox Game Pass for PC $0.63 USD
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1.73 USD
Office 365 monthly subscription $2.08 USD
Office 365 yearly subscription $4.04 USD

PC and Accessories 0.50%
Apps, Surface & Accessories, Xbox Consoles & Accessories, Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Live Gold 1.00%
Other Office 2.50%
Movies & TV Shows, Xbox 1st Party Games, Xbox 3rd Party Games 3.50%

*Productos no comisionables: Band, Phones, Windows Mixed and Virtual Reality, WindowsMixedandVirtualReality, Developer/Visual Studio, Windows, Unshipped Preorders, Accessory, MRVR, DevVisualStudio, Xbox Game Pass Trials, XboxGamePassTrial, Office 365 Trials, Ineligible.