We’re so glad you’re looking here for the perfect piece of jewellery! Our hope is that every piece you create with us speaks to your soul, in the way only vibrant coloured gemstones can.

It is with this very hope that my wife, Aditi, and I brought Angara into the world more than 15 years ago. Jewellery is our destiny. Both of us come from generations of jewellers. Coloured gemstones – with all their power and history – are in our blood.

For a while, I thought I could escape the lure of jewellery. Following a stint at McKinsey & Company, I pursued my MBA at Harvard. But I was eventually compelled to return to my roots. It all started when Aditi and I were looking for jewellery to commemorate a milestone in our marriage, but nothing we saw really spoke to us or captured our relationship in a unique and memorable way. Everything was stamped out. Commercial. With little personality or individualism.

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